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The patient´s contribution for children in hospital is abolished.

Since 2006 KiB children care demands from Austrian legislation to abolish the patient´s contribution for children in hospital. Therefore a lot of political talks, letters, information,... were necessary. Since January 1st, 2017 the contribution is history.

Until 2016 families in Austria had to pay average € 140 for a week of stationary stay in hospital for their child. It was one of only a few countries in Europe where parents had to pay this fee.

Therefore this abolition is a milestone for families with sick children in Austria. The climate in the country became a step more family-friendly and KiB is very proud and happy.
Still there is one drop of bitterness: Parents have to pay for accompanying their sick child to hospital. KiB claims to abolish this payment and works for this right for parents with sick children.

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Les enfants hospitalisés et la bientraitance

This can be done differently . . .

Article by Dr. Sylvie Rosenberg-Reiner
Published in: Risques & Qualité , 2012, IX - N° 4, p.107-111

pdfLes enfants hospitalisés et la bientraitance120.37 KB

Abstract in English

Hospitalized Children and their welfare

Providing welfare is merely a hospital’s mission. The article raises the issue of the exact meaning of the term welfare when it applies to a hospitalized child. This term, initially used by professionals in the area of social medicine, is expanding and is finding its mark in the hospital setting. The article then goes over the human means, the material, legal, organizational and financial means necessary to see emerge a true welfare culture of the hospitalized child.

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Anouk founders receive Award

Clarins Dynamic Woman Award 2012 Beatriz Aristimuño and Vanessa von Richter

The Clarins Dynamic Woman Award was given to the Founders of the Anouk Foundation


Beatriz Aristimuño and Vanessa von Richter have received this prestigious award, which highlights the fundamental role of the Anouk Foundation with hospitalised children.


They would like to share it with all the people who work daily to brighten hospitals; partners, donators, artists and medical staff.

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French Manifesto for the Rights of Sick Children

In the wake of this year's presidential and parliamentary elections in France, APACHE and almost 500 other organizations working in different fields of children's care prepared a manifesto summarizing in ten points the most urgent problems in child related health care policies. As number ONE the acceptance and implementation of the EACH Charter in all health care facilities in France was requested. Insufficient support of parents of sick children, the requirement of specially trained paediatric staff were listed among further problems.

Read more: French Manifesto for the Rights of Sick Children

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