Survey on paid leave

Provisions of the EACH Charter

Art. 1: Children shall be admitted to hospital only if the care they require cannot be equally provided at home or on a day basis.

Art. 3 (2): Parents shall be entitled to leave with pay for the duration of the child’s illness. Parents should not suffer loss of income or incur other costs due to staying in hospital with their child, full-time care of their child in hospital or daily care of healthy siblings at home by other persons, or travel costs and other expenses.

When sick children need their parents at home or in hospital -how are they supported by governments or employers?

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Countrylegal regulations?Maximum days allowedPaid?For mothers - fathersEmployer acceptanceFeelings parentslegal regulations sufficient?

yy2 - at home

N2 - in hospital

10 days Paid yy2 - yy2 not certain reluctant, afraid, bullied N2!
 Belgium  yy2! 07 days up to 31 days Paid

yy2 - yy2

yy2! ? ?
 Czech Republic yy2 09 days Paid

yy2! - yy2

yy2! some afraid yy2!

yy2 - at home

yN2 - in hospital


 Paid - at home!

Unpaid - in hospital

yy2 - yy2

Not certain reluctant, afraid! yy2!
 Finland  yy2  60 days Paid

yy2 - y2

Not certain! sometimes reluctant! yy2!
 France yy2  07 days  Paid

yy2 - y2

yy2! It is the law.! yy2!
 Germany yy2

05 days: paid

10 days: unpaid


yy2 - yy2

Not certain! reluctant to ask! N2
 Iceland  yy2  07 days paid!

yy2 - N2

yy2! yy2! N2!
 Ireland  N2  0 days  Neither!

N2 - N2

Not certain!  reluctant! N2!
 Italy yy2 03 days per month paid! yy2! ybutton ok! uncertain! N2!
 Netherlands  yy2 30 days max. paid

ybutton ok - ybutton ok

ybutton ok! yy2! yy2!
 Portugal  yy2

  15 - 30 days - at home

unlimited - in hospital


ybutton ok - ybutton ok

Not certain! Not certain! ybutton ok!
 Sweden  yy2  120 days paid  ybutton ok! ybutton ok! ybutton ok! ybutton ok!
 Switzerland  N2 01- 03 days paid yy2 - yy2!  See left job risk factor button cancel!
 UK  N2 ?! unpaid! ybutton ok! - ybutton ok!  See left reluctant to ask  N2
 Hungary  yy2 14 - 84 days! paid ybutton ok - yy2! Not certain afraid button cancel!
 Spain  yy2 03 days paid

ybutton ok - ybutton ok

ybutton ok! content ybutton ok!
 Japan  yy2! 07 days often unpaid! ybutton ok - ybutton ok! ybutton ok! Not certain button cancel!


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