In Memory Sylvie Rosenberg

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Sylvie Rosenberg-Reiner
1943 - 2014

With great sadness we have to announce the sudden and unexpected death of our dear colleague Sylvie. With her French association APACHE she joined forces with associations from other European countries to enhance the wellbeing of sick children in hospital. When EACH was founded in 1993, Sylvie became a member of the EACH Executive Committee and served from 2004 until 2012 as Coordinator (or Chairwoman) of EACH.

When we all started it needed much courage, power and persuasion to promote the rights of sick children, and these were some of the many qualities Sylvie had. Working as a devoted paediatric anaesthetist, she understood very well the attitude of the hospital staff, but also recognised that a rather unsatisfactory situation for children and their families existed.

From the very first moment of our cooperation Sylvie added her distinctive French touch. She did not shy away from stating her views rigorously, which in turn initiated heated debates that often ended in very fruitful new solutions or compromises. Over the years Sylvie became one of the pillars of our European movement.

Sylvie strongly enhanced the child and hospital movement not only in France but also in Belgium and in Portugal, where her French background helped to build national working groups. Last but not least, it is also to Sylvie’s credit that the famous cartoonist PEF created the marvellous illustrations for the ten points of the EACH Charter, which explain at a glance what each particular point is about.

Sylvie was a unique person with a strong sense of social justice. She ardently supported equal rights for women, and she loved the performing arts, most notably classical music and operas. We all will badly miss her sharp witted comments and our rich discussions in all fields of common interest, be it European politics in general or in particular the effects of European health care systems on children.

Although Sylvie was small in physical stature, she had a wonderful, big personality! Her life-long accomplishments we can only admire. Her sudden death leaves us in grief, but perhaps it is also the moment to reflect on all that she was as a person and all that she achieved and say: Thank you, Sylvie, for all the contributions you made towards making life better in this world. Your friends will keep you in their hearts forever! And we convey our deep feelings of sympathy to Sylvie’s family.

For the Executive Committee

Hanne Sieber
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