In Memoriam Hanne Sieber

Hanne Sieber, Committee member of EACH, Chairman of the Swiss member organisation Kind+Spital, deceased on February 25, 2020

We are very sad to announce the death of our dear friend and colleague Hanne Sieber. Only a few months ago, in September, we enjoyed her participation at the EACH Committee meeting in Edinburgh. Hanne was the first coordinator of EACH and has been active as a Committee member of EACH to the very end of her life.

In 1988 the Swiss organisation Kind+Spital joined forces, with 12 other National European associations to establish standards applicable in all of Europe to enhance the well-being of sick children. This document, the EACH Charter, constituted a working program for each of the national associations, because many of the requirements of the Charter were far from implementation.

In 1991, Hanne took part in the working group that prepared the organisation of EACH. At the second European Congress in Tutzing, Germany, she was appointed as the first Coordinator of the EACH Executive Committee. She had an important role in laying a foundation for what would grow into a powerful cooperation between the various national associations.

We all appreciated and benefited from her language skills. Hanne was largely responsible for editing all publications, in particular the Annotations to the Charter and she translated the EACH Charter and its Annotations into German.

Through her drive and passion and her organisational talent, she was able to make a major contribution to a deeper understanding of Children’s rights in Healthcare. She represented EACH in Child Rights Connect, the UN NGO group on Children’s rights in Geneva.

Hanne had a great sense of duty. We will all miss her idea sharing, ardent comments and our vivid discussions on the best way to advocate for the needs of sick children. Over a period of many decades, she was a major source of support and inspiration to all the member associations of EACH, helping them to accomplish their mission. We will always keep her in mind.

On behalf of all EACH delegates, our heartfelt thoughts and condolences go to her son and daughter in law, her brother and his wife.

Margreet van Bergen, founding member of EACH

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