2014 Resolution on 'Parental presence anytime and any place'

Resolution 12th EACH Conference Prague 2014


Held in Prague/Czech Republic 10th-13th September 2014

Referring to clause 2 of the EACH Charter for Children in Hospital we are calling on all governments and providers to see to that:

Children and young people in hospital and other health care services shall have the right to have their parents or parent substitutes with them anytime, anywhere, any place, 24-hours a day, regardless of the age of the child or young person.

This applies whether or not the children or young people are being treated and/or examined, with or without local anesthesia or sedation and before and after general anesthesia. This also applies whether they

are within neonatal or pediatric intensive care units, ambulance transport services, accident & emergency departments, isolation rooms, medical imaging rooms, recovery rooms, maternity services and all other health care settings in and outside of hospitals.”

Resolved by the EACH General Assembly in Prague, 13th September 2014

Delegates were present from Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia.

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